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We are dedicated to the distribution and sale of tobacco leaves of the highest quality, our brand requires a degree of quality to the leaf of any size.

The tobacco leaves are whole and alternate; its color, shape, venation, size and distance between nodes may vary, depending on the type and variety of the crop to which the tobacco leaf is subjected. They are usually oval or heart shaped in terms of shape. The edge is whole. The surface is covered with glandular hairs that give the leaves resinous characteristics, due to the gums or waxes they produce; the stem also has these glandular hairs.

Generally, tobacco leaves start directly from the stem. The angle of insertion may vary with the type of tobacco and the height of the leaf on the stem. The upper tobacco leaves form a steeper angle than the lower ones.

The leaves closest to the ground are the first to mature and will have less nicotine, this, as the tobacco plant grows, goes towards the upper leaves. Tobacco leaves that are cut from the lower middle of the plant have more aroma-giving compounds. In the upper middle part of the plant are the leaves that have the highest nicotine content and aroma.


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